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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pintried and Pintrue: PINTRUE - Microwave Clean

          Original Pin Posting: Microwave Clean

I don't know what the weather was like for you this weekend but here on the Outer Banks it's been a rain filled weekend. Leaving us locals to face our biggest fears... cleaning our own homes instead of enjoying the wonderful the beach and water that surrounds us!
Typically I'm not a big microwave person and this is due mainly to how my fiancé leaves our microwave after he uses it.
Exhibit A:
 Exhibit B:

You might be shaking your head at me thinking, Marie you really need to get this behavior fixed before you get married. However, I choose to let this small battle slide in order to win the war!
My hope is educating him on cleaning the microwave after using this pin.

Of course I turned to Pinterest to find me a quick helpful trick in cleaning my um, eclectic microwave. I'm happy to report that this pin was all that it promised!
I did alter the above recipe just to make it a little easier on myself to shorten my cleaning time.

1 cup of water (I don't think it matters if its warm or not because you'll be heating it in the microwave)
1 cup of white distilled vinegar
1 bowl
Microwave for 10 minutes
2 Dish cloths (let the dish cloth soak in the leftover water and vinegar soak in the microwave for 20 minutes to cool)
1 cup of cold water to the mixture to help in the cooling process so you can touch the cloth without burning your hands
Use the remaining dish cloth dry to wipe up the remaining liquid and left over "food" that was not removed by the water and vinegar solution.


This took me under five minutes to wipe down, which is quite shocking when reviewing the evidence above. I'm glad I saved the solution to wring my dish cloth out to get a clean wipe each time I went to clean. No scrubbing involved and the dry dish cloth was most helpful in the corners which were a little more stubborn than I would have liked but all in all this was a PINTRUE.
Happy cleaning and pinning!
Let Marie and Amanda know if this pin worked for you, leave a comment below.