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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pintried: Wrapped Sea Glass and Shark Tooth Necklace

Pintried: Wrapped Sea Glass and Shark Tooth Necklace

The "pinspiration" from this necklace came from a class I took a few years ago at a Nags Head Bead and Jewelry store called Cloud Nine. If you have the time and happen to be visiting the Outer Banks, I most definitely recommend taking Mrs. Ginny's two hour sea glass wrapping class. If you're not a local and don't visit the Outer Banks I suggest you consider seeking out a local bead and jewelry store. I honestly did not think that I had the creativity or skill to create anything and I was pleasantly surprised when I took the class (which was only $25 and included all the materials)!


Brass wire
Brass chain
Brass clasp
1 piece of sea glass
1 shark tooth
1 set of wire jewelry pliers

I was able to purchase everything at Cloud Nine as well as Ornamentea from when my sister was living in Raleigh. I'm a frequent beachcomber so I had several pieces to pick from! My daring fiancé located the shark's tooth on one of his deep sea dives and brought it up hoping I would use it for my jewelry making. 
First Step

Cut the wire at length that you feel comfortable will wrap around the sea glass and shark tooth. Take the end of one side of the wire and make a loop then wrap the loop closed. Once you have your loop closed creativity is yours. For these particular items I wrapped them minimally to let the pieces speak for themselves. 
Second Step 

Cut one link off of the chain and layer the tooth over the glass through the created loops.

Third Step

Decide how long you would like your chain to measure and remember that you will have two "charms" hanging off the bottom part of the necklace and include that in your measurement. Then cut the last link on both ends of your chain to attach either side of your clasp. Close the link by using your pliers to ensure the clasps will stay on. 

Final Step
Attach the link that contains the sea glass and shark tooth and use your pliers to fasten the link onto your measured and desired middle section of your chain. Most importantly, enjoy and be proud to tell others that you made this when they compliment you on your new necklace. 

On a side note... people will start asking you to make them one also because they will like yours so much as well as the price!

Leave a comment below and tell us how your necklace turned out as well as the name of your local bead and jewelry store! 

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