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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

{Pintried and Pintrue} Pinflop - - Olive Oil Candle

Welcome 2015! We took a short break and are really excited to be offering you another blog post. 
Although this pinflop isn't as severe as our Listerine Foot Soak, what is advertised in the above picture isn't what it seems. 

Here are our materials for this pin:

Looks fairly simple and unassuming... wrong!
Here is the final and most difficult material with this pin:
PAPERCLIPS, how deceiving the original photo is!

As you can tell by the above photo, it took us several attempts to manipulate the paperclip appropriately to secure and stabilize the wick. We took some liberty with placement of the paperclip because it isn't as eye appealing as one would like. 
Check out these photos:
Not very sightly!

Ok, we are trying to be positive... don't attempt this in house with small children!

And, proof! Wick burnt out as soon as it met the paperclip.

Finally, we figured out the most effective and eye appealing paperclip placement. 

See, we were able to make this pin work but would we do not suggest making this as gifts or as temporary fixtures in our home, NO! 
Oh and just so you are aware it does stay lit for over an hour. 

In all fairness, you can make it, you can light it and it will stay lit... but its not pretty and its not practical so it's up to you to determine whether to attempt this pin or to move along to the next pin!

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